Social Housing Act

On 7 February 2018, the Government approved the legislative work plan, which lists the Ministry for Regional Development (MoRD) as the main coordinator of the outline and the draft law on social housing; the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MoLSA) was appointed a co-administrator of these works. In August 2018 it was decided that the works on the Social Housing Act will not continue for the time being and furthermore that the MRD will prepare a Government Regulation providing the municipalities in the Czech Republic a grant support in purchasing and re-constructing the social housing stock of the country. The upcoming subsidy title, however, deals with investments in the housing stock only and does not apply the essential social work support.

The MLSA is responsible for social policy, social work (working with people in need of housing, preventing the loss of housing etc.), social services (emergency houses, shelters, halfway houses etc.) and social benefits for housing (housing allowance and housing supplement, immediate emergency assistance). The role of the agendas in the social housing system is not only supportive but also crucial as regarding to its functioning. Foremost the social work but also the social services are an essential part of social housing, especially for people in the deep housing need who are dealing with multiple social and economic problems.

It is important for the MoLSA that social housing helps to solve problems related to the social agenda. That means that it should contribute to reducing the poverty business, improve the community living and prevent the overload of the social welfare system (benefits). Due to the worsening availability of decent housing for an expanding group of citizens, the Minister Jana Maláčová (MoLSA) agreed with the Minister Klára Dostálová (MoRD) on a joint preparation of the Affordable Housing Act. The MoLSA has already submitted proposals for the new law to the MoRD and is ready to provide further assistance by its creation.

Updated: January 2019


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